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Channeling the extraordinary power and energy of the sky, Earth created a curly red-haired boy wrapped in the sun's rays. She named him the Protector of the Sky and granted him the ability to control climate and weather. She gifted him a bright, curved lightning bolt to hold, which would help him wield his power.


Using the boundless waters from the deepest depths of her oceans, Earth poured life into a girl with eyes as blue as the sea and hair as wild as waves. She named her the Lady of the Waters. Earth adorned the girl’s neck with a lovely necklace made of sparkling droplets, which would help the Lady of the Waters control all of Earth’s waters.


Calling on the inexhaustible richness of her lush lands, Earth grew a girl to be the source of Earth’s fertility. She was called the Guardian of the Harvest, and was full of life’s energy. Beautiful flowers and plants enveloped her, creating a wondrous appearance. These were gifts from Earth, helping the Guardian of the Harvest care for nature.


Capturing swift, whirling gusts of wind, Earth swirled them high into the sky to create a boy whom she named the Master of the Wind. He effortlessly merged with the elusive air around him and could skillfully control its movement. His body was covered with mysterious wind-like symbols, which seemed to glide over his skin, always pointing him in the right direction.

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