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About the Book Series

Our beautiful planet Earth, once fertile and strong, has become vulnerable and defenseless over time. Earth, along with everything on it, needs help. Without it, she cannot withstand the effects of global warming and human negligence. This is why she created her Rescuers: The Protector of the Sky, Lady of the Waters, Guardian of the Harvest, and Master of the Wind, each bestowed with a unique superpower.

These Rescuers travel to different corners of the Earth, saving the jungle from fire, the ocean from pollution, lush lands from desertification, Antarctic ice caps from melting, and preventing many other disasters. They face difficult challenges and fight the brutal forces of nature—all to save and restore the Earth to its former glory.

Using the Rescuers as an example, children can learn from an early age how to treat the Earth kindly, conserve, appreciate, and increase her resources. If you are reading this, you too can become a Rescuer. All you need to do is follow the simple rules that the Earth shares at the end of each book.

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